Restore your bathroom back to its best

You shouldn’t allow your bathroom to become a shell of its former self. When your bathroom begins to look dated you only need to invest in new work surfaces from TREND Transformations Ellesmere Port to bring it back into fashion. We have products to enhance everything that makes up the bathroom area.

You may have your own ideas about how best to revamp your bathroom, but should you be short on inspiration you can always ask our design consultants for some inventive solutions. They regularly improve bathrooms throughout the region and are therefore very well placed to help you along your journey to a better bathroom.

  • Fully resistant to water damage

    Excess water exposure can take its toll on some work surfaces, affecting their performance and leaving them looking tatty. We have designed our worktops specifically so that they’re able to cope with water exposure and the very humid atmosphere regularly generated inside any bathroom.

    Water resistance is also promised when buying any of our splashbacks and shower liners as what good would they be otherwise?

  • Find every sort of finish

    Our colour palette is forever growing so that customers can find the exact type of finish they’ve envisaged for their bathroom. The colour they choose will lead to a brighter bathroom.

    It would be churlish of us not to include timeless classics like black and white, alongside contemporary favourite like emerald green.

  • Expect unequalled flexibility

    The versatility you profit from when purchasing any TREND Transformations product will help revolutionise your bathroom. This has been identified by many of the leading figures in the fields of architecture and interior design who frequently utilise our offerings.

    This extraordinary versatility enables us to custom-craft products to the exact liking of customers and our commercial clients. You just tell us what you want and one of our ingenious designers will create a worktop that matches your requirements to an absolute tee.