Our expertise extends beyond kitchens & bathrooms

TREND Transformations Ellesmere Port is best known for making over kitchens and bathrooms, but we do much more than that. Should there be another area inside or outside of your home that’s longing for attention then you should get in touch. Our worktops work just as effectively in places like utility and laundry rooms.

Homeworkers may also be interested in our products as they’re tailor-made for home office spaces. Once in place don’t be at all surprised if your productivity levels rise due to the comforting surrounds. Please also make contact for any commercial-based projects you need attending to.

  • Almost weightless

    We have purposely made our worktops as light as possible so that they can be used in yachts, caravans, canal boats, cruisers and motorhomes. A heavy worktop simply wouldn’t work in such locations. They’re also compatible with conservatories, treehouses and workshops if that’s where you need them most.

  • Designs you’ve dreamt of

    It is difficult not to be impressed by how many different worktop designs there are at TREND Transformations Ellesmere Port. Whether you want something subtle or vivaciously vibrant for an internal or external location, you will find something that instantly stands out. We’re continuously coming up with new designs too.

  • Adept in every respect

    You will struggle to find a more professional outfit than TREND Transformations Ellesmere Port as we have hugely experienced consultants who will do everything possible to help. Their friendly persona will help you feel relaxed and confident in what they can do to transform your chosen room. The customer is always right where we’re concerned.