Leave your kitchen transformation to us

TREND Transformations Ellesmere Port has a fantastic track record of turning old kitchens into the main room of the house. The eclecticness of our product range enables customers to find work surfaces that will give them the new-look kitchen that they’ve always dreamed about. You won’t be able take your eyes off your kitchen once we’ve worked our magic.

Bear in mind too that remodelling your kitchen and making it trendy again will more often than not increase the resale value of your property.

You won’t know where to start when it comes to selecting the kitchen enhancing products you like most as you’re guaranteed to fall for them all. As an added bonus you can also have our work surfaces modified to include waterfall ends for that extra designer touch.

  • Every kitchen needs that little edge

    Who would believe that it’s possible to develop worktops that are so slender? It’s that slenderness that enables us to place our work surfaces on top of existing units. However, there’s nothing to stop you from having thicker worktops when necessary as we’re always happy to oblige.

  • Almost light as a feather

    You would think that kitchen countertops need to have considerable weight behind them to work. That’s not the case. Buy any worktop from TREND Transformations Ellesmere Port and you will instantly be struck by just how lightweight it is which helps us fit it faster than you possibly could have imagined.

    Usually a day will suffice for installing a TREND Transformations worktop so that you’re not left waiting around.

  • Amazing performance is assured

    We could highlight many ingredients in our work surfaces that make them so strong and durable, but one of the most pertinent is the high grade polyester that we insert into them. Though you obviously can’t see it, its very presence heavily contributes to its outstanding performance.

    The performance is so good that it gives us the confidence to offer you a lifetime warranty when you purchase any of our worktops.